What to do when in Venice

I know it’s been a long time since you heard from me. One moment I say I am going to start blogging again and the next I just vanish. I am a very busy person. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, because it really isn’t a busy life full of fun that is keeping me busy. I would have loved to be busy with things that were arrogantworthy. Either way – we have some travels behind us, and we have some travels going forward. And quite frankly, I thought I’d make the most of it and travel and food blog a bit from hereon in. It will probably just be one post a week or thereabouts. Maybe not even that. But I have realised the importance of doing things I love in the midst of all the business, so I decided to dedicate a few hours every week to doing my blog. We will see were that takes me…

Venice is such a lovely city. When it is not flooded. I first visited there 20 years ago. As a 17 year old, I did not really appreachiate the beauty before me. This summer I took it all in. As best I could at least with the Môtley Crue tagging behind us in all sorts of grumpy demeanors.

We went to Italy in July. I do NOT think I will recommend Italy in summertime. It is boiling hot and full of tourists. It made each and everyone of us quite overwhelmed at times. So 40 something degrees combined with – literally – hundreds of thousands of tourists, it was like being stuck in a traffic jam by foot in a boilingpot. So yes – I will absolutely recommend Venice, but we are definately planning on coming back in autumntime.


Gondola ride

Price: 80 Euros for 40 min

Yes – it will set you back a good 80 Euros, but it is sooo worth it. We suggest getting in to Venice a bit early. Especially during high season. Not only will you skip the worst suntraps, but you won’t have to line up to go on a ride either. We got in just over 0900 in the morning, and by the time our 40 min was over, the queue was mounting up rapidly.

You can find gondolieres almost everywhere.  We found ours just off St.Marks square.

The price is 80 Euros for 40 minutes. They have tariffs in Venice so that is what it costs. The gondolieres are not allowed to charge more. But each gondola takes up to six persons, and if you are willing to share, or you are a larger group you split the cost. The ride is 80 Euros however many people sharing.

Venezian Masks

If you can afford it, invest in a mask or two from Venice. Don’t get them from the tat-shops. Find a proper workshop. Yes the masks cost more, and some of them are quite pricy. But the artist is there to show his tecniques, and it is quite the atmosphere. We did not buy any masks – and we regret it viciously. So next time we go to Venice we will most definately take a couple home.

Adress: Fondamenta de l’osmarin (but you will find them all over town)


To be continued….


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